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Very responsive and always professional. Jackson always has a solution and is one of the easiest guys to deal with ever.
Andrew Coddington
Andrew Coddington
While working at a law firm for 5 years, it was a blessing to know that Jackson was on board and had all areas of the firm's IT needs covered. He worked extremely hard ensuring that all measures were in place to mitigate all cybercrime, data breach and any security risks. It is not necessary for you to have a solution, just express your current state or situation to Jackson and he will ensure to develop the necessary infrastructure to get your firm where it needs to be. Trust Jackson to keep your firm secure!
Fleecy De' Laveaga
Fleecy De' Laveaga
Jackson heading NOFTEK LLC is one of the best IT solutions providers out there! He is extremely professional, knowledgeable, responsive and reliable. Whether it be upgrading and improving infrastructure, or dealing with time sensitive issues, you can trust Jackson to help get the job done. I highly recommend him to anyone needing immediate and complex IT help and/or Cyber Security.
Rosy Hobson
Rosy Hobson
It's been a great a great process building a working relationship with Letson. He is very knowledgeable in cyber security and protection. I'm excited to continue to build this relationship as he educates me how to protect my clients' information and maintain good confidentiality protocols.
Letson is a Cyber Security GURU ! He asks key questions to understand your risk and educates you as to why and how you need to be protected. Letson makes the world of Cyber Security SIMPLE in a way that not intimidating or overwhelming.
S Apple
S Apple

“As a registered agent specializing in company, ship, and investment registration and management in the British Virgin Islands, we have had the pleasure of working with Jackson since 2006. His professionalism, reliability, and knowledge of data protection have made him a valuable asset to our business. His expertise has been particularly useful in implementing our current system, which includes a True Data Loss Prevention Solution (DLP) to safeguard both our company and client data. After almost 40 years in this industry, I can confidently say that Jackson is one of the best in the field.”

-Agnita S. | Managing Director

“Since SABALS commenced its law practice in 2013, we have relied on Jackson to keep our clients’ data safe. After the major hurricane in 2017, our office sustained damaged and, as a result, we had to relocate. During that time, Jackson assisted tirelessly with this transition to ensure that our system was working in an effort to continue being of service to our clients. We are pleased with the manner in which Jackson conducts business. He is passionate about IT security, has a wealth of knowledge and is always accessible. He keeps us up-to -date on the latest technology to protect our information. We never worry about cyber security with Jackson on our team.”

-Ingrid S. | Office Manager

“In the past, my law firm struggled with major IT issues due to poor system configuration. This made it difficult for us to access important documents and account information and caused frequent crashes. Jackson provided a much-needed solution. He analyzed the problem and installed better equipment that met our needs. As our IT consultant, he is proactive in anticipating issues before they arise and reactive in providing prompt assistance when needed. He completes tasks efficiently and with a friendly, easygoing demeanor. When I moved to a new law firm, I made sure to bring Jackson with me, and he also manages the IT for an affiliated company. His reliable and effective work gives me peace of mind.”

-John C. | Owner



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