What is Data Vaccination™?

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What Is Data Vaccination™?

Have you ever heard the phrase “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”?

In healthcare, this phrase is common when it comes to vaccinations and other preventative care. Technology isn’t much different. Just as vaccinations are given to help prevent people from getting sick with a particular disease, Data Vaccination™ provides cybersecurity solutions that protect your data before threats occur, rather than waiting for problems or “sicknesses” to arise.

So how can Data Vaccination™ help you keep your digital assets safe? Let’s take a closer look at the process of Data Vaccination™ and its benefits.

What Does Data Vaccination™ Mean?

Data Vaccination™ is the process of protecting data from being modified, stolen, or deleted by unauthorized users. This is done by injecting each file individually with FIPS encryption which protects the file at rest, in transit, and while in use. Making sure that each file is protected as its transversed or consumed anywhere.

Data Vaccination™ is meant to protect data across your infrastructure—in your email, document management system, the cloud, network servers, application platforms, and even USB drives.

What Are the Steps of Data Vaccination™?

In healthcare, it’s important to vaccinate against various diseases, even if the disease isn’t particularly prevalent in your area. But to a greater extent, it’s vital to prevent diseases patients are predisposed to for their overall health.

The same is true in Data Vaccination™. You’ll want to prioritize the threats that pose the most risk to your systems and eliminate those first. From there, you’ll want to continually monitor your systems to make sure your Data Vaccination™ services are improved often to effectively meet new threats.

A reputable cybersecurity solutions provider will generally follow three main steps in the Data Vaccination™ process:

  1. Provide an initial assessment to evaluate your risk.
  2. Prioritize improvements across your infrastructure based on highest risk factors.
  3. Continually implement new solutions that protect your data even further. 

How Do Cybersecurity Providers Implement Data Vaccination™?

While most cybersecurity solutions companies differ in their resources and approach, Data Vaccination™ services generally include secure data backup, file encryption, 24/7 monitoring, and a focus on giving businesses complete control and ownership over their data. 

You’ll want to work with a cybersecurity solutions provider who you know can deliver a range of Data Vaccination™ services that fit the needs of your business. 

Working with a reliable Data Vaccination™ provider will help protect your systems from advanced threats in a preventative manner, keeping you from the potentially catastrophic consequences of data theft or loss.

What Are the Benefits of Data Vaccination™?

There are many benefits of Data Vaccination™, whether you’re a small business, a large enterprise, or a one-man-band.

Improved Security

Neutralizes doxware because sensitive data is always encrypted even if they manage to steal your data, they can not use it against you. The encryption keys are secured offsite and never saved with the data. You and only you are capable of decrypting your files.

Protect the People

Prevent well-intentioned employees from doing things like sending sensitive documents to their personal email accounts without interferring with appropriate business collaberation.

File Integrity

If your data is ever lost or corrupted, you can rest assured the integrity of your data will be preserved because the bad actor will not gain access to your files.

Reduce Cyber Liability

Cyber Insurance premiums are rising, as well as the requirements for obtaining coverage. At the same time, coverage is reducing. Most insurance companies require MFA to get coverage and exclude paying ransoms for data that is stolen. Satisfy MFA while also eliminating the ability for your data to be stolen and used against you.

Cost Savings

By preventing data loss, you can save money on costly recovery efforts. In some cases, data loss can result in legal penalties and fines.

Data Vaccination™ is an important part of any cybersecurity solutions strategy. By backing up your data and keeping it safe from unauthorized access, you can avoid the costly consequences of data loss or theft. When choosing a Data Vaccination™ provider, be sure to select one that offers a comprehensive solution that fits the needs of your business.

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