With cyber criminals lurking around every corner, law firms are understandably on edge. But we want those cyber criminals to be disappointed when they try to hack into your systems as they are promptly met with a well-defended network. You have the power to be proactive about your company’s safety by investing in exploitability management. 

Don’t waste your time and money on a false sense of security. Instead, put your security in the trusted hands of Noftek where we prioritize your law firm and cater to your individual needs.

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Our Exploitability Management Services

Exploitability management is the practice of identifying, classifying and prioritizing vulnerabilities in computer systems. This helps companies determine which vulnerabilities pose the greatest risk and need to be addressed first – keeping you ahead of the game and in the know of the potential threats to your system.

In addition to protecting your business from cyber attacks, our exploitability management can also improve your company’s overall security posture by:

  • Identifying vulnerabilities
  • Addressing vulnerabilities
  • Monitoring for new vulnerabilities
  • Responding to new vulnerabilities
  • Reporting on findings

Noftek specializes in exploitability management and can help your law firm create a robust exploitability management program that is tailored to fit the unique needs of your company. This means you don’t have to worry about cyber criminals exploiting vulnerabilities in your system. 

We offer: 

  • Deep Learning-Powered Threat Detection Service
Network visualization, tradecraft detection
Secure Admin and Local Accounts



Vulnerability management is a process that includes identifying, classifying, and prioritizing vulnerabilities. This may sound exactly the same as exploitability, but don’t be fooled.

The main difference between exploit vs vulnerability management is that exploitability focuses on the vulnerabilities that can be exploited whereas vulnerability management includes all vulnerabilities regardless of exploitability.

This process is important for businesses because it helps them understand which vulnerabilities present the most risk and need to be worked on first. By being proactive and addressing vulnerabilities before they can be exploited, businesses can avoid costly cyber attacks.

Being able to discern exploit vs vulnerability will help your law firm channel resources toward the most critical areas, saving time and resources. 

Protect Your Law Firm With

Notfek’s Exploitability Management

Noftek’s exploitability management service ensures your law firm is fully protected. We first detect the vulnerabilities in your system. We then in turn use our exploitability management service to help you prioritize which ones need to be addressed first.

Vulnerabilities that can’t be exploited today, maybe exploitable tomorrow. Notfek protects your law firm with cybersecurity solutions so you can focus on practicing law and getting the best results for your clients.

Notfek also offers Data Vaccination™ services and cyber risk evaluation. Take a stand against cyber criminals and get your cyber risk evaluation today.



Reach out today and we can get started with a free assessment to ensure you have all the tools you need necessary to be efficient and protective of yours and your clients data. Let’s get in touch!