We genuinely want to help Law Firms protect themselves, navigate this complex world of cybersecurity, and survive in the event of being breached.

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Noftek and our staff has over 20 years of experience working with Law Firms and in the I.T. Industry.

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Cybersecurity team


When we say Law Firms, we understand what that is. With more than 20 years of working with the Law Firm Industry, we understand that they don’t just provide a service they contribute to the welfare of their client’’ lives who is their community.

We want to protect this because a cyber breach can breed havoc in the lives of their clients and the community connected to their Law Firm. Once you have invested your time and resources, it is connected to you. Your Law Firm and You are One.


Letson Jackson, CEO

Hi, my name is Jackson. I am the CEO of Noftek. I bring nearly 30 years of experience within in the information technology space. Securing data has become a very complex issue. My vision for Noftek is to bring a simplified process to securing data for organizations. I look forwarding to working with you all soonest.

Rennatha Jackson, COO

Hello, my name is Rennatha. My mission is to provide our community with top notch customer service! By working as a healthcare professional for over 20 years, I saw the need for implementing cyber care for employees due to how easily data is breached. This led to me joining NOFTEK, which helps to identify ways we can keep your information safe. I look forward to supporting you, our community!

Ren Edwards, Brand Consultant

Hello, my name is Ren! My journey to becoming a NOFTEK, started as a Commercial Branding photographer for service-based businesses. This enlightened my passion for honest and consistent branding with a purpose. As Brand Consultant for Noftek, I have the opportunity to be apart of a team built on setting an impact in the cyber security space, by building awareness of in our community and beyond!

40+ years of I.T. and Professional Care Experience = one dynamic consulting service

“The core of the Noftek team is prioritizing Care for our clients.” For us, we are doing more than providing a service, we are a trustworthy extension to your valuable team.



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